With each purchased DezziWatch, we support the organization of We are a “Charity of Choice” partner, which plants a tree in your name.

Simple, isn’t it? In this way, we work with you to balance our CO2 emissions and together we make our contribution against climate change and support the poorer population.

For a secure future, for future generations and for a better planet.
“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

* Our tree counter counts all the trees that have been planted since 2019 by DezziWatches with the foundation. We planted the first 2,500 trees to TREES FOR FUTURE without having sold 2,500 watches. This organization is recognized worldwide. Now it continues as a charity of choice partner planting trees on the African continent. (On this picture in Senegal). The tree counter is valid from 01. August for each watch that is sold through our online shop. A tree is planted per order, even when you buy several products (for example, if you still have a wooden bracelet to choose from).


Our planet, the environment and animals have long been our top priority. We share this view with our partners we work together. With our projects, we make our parcel deliveries CO2-neutral. In other words: with our partners who are located directly in the protected areas, we plant a tree for each woodwatch sold. Many of our customers are involved with us and have a greater impact on the environment. And that by donating trees to our world.

This is Tin Lid. Through Trees For Future, he learns new skills and knowledge that help him successfully complete his harvest with ease.

Watches with wood as the main material

Research clearly shows that there is a significant advantage over comparable materials when making wood products. Carbon emissions, impacts on water quality, environmental impact as a whole are just a few examples. The energy needed to make wooden molds is much lower than that of the same shape in steel, gold, silver, nickel or copper. What then means that a DezziWatch is much less energy intensive than a comparable clock made of metal and steel.

Here you can learn more about the base on which the project is based.