Our history

Our story is written by people with a thirst for adventure. Adventures consist of discoveries. Findings that you only recover when you look for them.

Entdecken um zu Erschaffen

It began with trips to the most enchanting and remote places in the world. Inspired by the art of blending woof and Inspired by local artists from all over the world. The idea transforms into a kind of life. Since August 2019 we plant trees for every sold woodwatch.

The beauty of the most untouched and remote areas is the inspiration for our wooden watches.

“Explore to create” became our specialty.

ONE WATCH Holzuhren für Damen und Herren mit einem kleinem weißer baum hinter grünem gestrüp ONE TREE


2019: The beginning of DEZZI

In 2019 we got the idea of ​​the DezziWatch. It all started as a side project. Motivated by the strong mind that sustainable products can make the world a better place. The perception of people is constantly evolving and more and more people are becoming aware that we have to do something.

Our history: First a dream, now a little adventure

From that moment grew the small business and took shape. What once started as a side project of a couple is now something bigger with a small team. Divided into three city’s of germany. Schleswig, Saarbrücken and Itzehoe. What started in Schleswig is now being sold online.